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  • Malaysia’s Independence Day 2017

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    The National Day (“Hari Merdeka”) in Malaysia is celebrated every year on the 31st August, the date when the Federation of Malaya gained independence from the British Empire in 1957. This year is particularly special. Apart from celebrating the 60th Anniversary since Independence, Malaysia hosted the SEA Games and topped the medal tally with a […]

  • SEA Games 2017 – Finale

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    In the last article we asked you guys to stay tuned for a second article, and we intend to keep that promise. After celebrating the closing of Sea Games with a bang and bagging 145 gold medals, Malaysia celebrated National Day on 31st August 2017. It’s been an exciting journey, but what happened throughout the […]

  • Zanroo Goes to MarTech! 🚀

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    “One year from now, our lives in Zanroo will not be the same.” – I remember saying this to Zanroo family since we founded the company. 3 years ago, we made profit in Thailand. 2 years ago, we expanded to Malaysia. Last year, we were certified by ISO and expanded to South-East Asia (SEA) & […]

  • Media Campaign Performance = Brand Health?

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    What we were told Back in the days, we were constantly exposed to media flows such as, TV, Radio, Print and Out-of-Home. These were the only four media type that we plan and execute our marketing strategies. Before the growth of digital age, it was a much simpler media-mix and we conveniently use the golden rule of “Paid”, […]

  • Digital Transformation

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    17th February 2017 marked the official digital partnership between Zanroo Limited and Hootsuite, two leading companies in Social Media Management. Sparking off the initiation on the new level of depth and strength to what we offer, it represents our commitment in tackling the challenges of analyzing social data across various industries and markets. As “How […]