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Zanroo is committed to tackling the challenges of analyzing social data across various industries and markets. We strive to provide brands and agencies with a solution that enables them to understand, engage and connect with their customers.


How Zanroo works

Know the power of online voices and use that to understand your consumers’ demands and intentions during the purchase journey. This will help you pick the best approaches to communicate better with the right target audience.

How we can help your business

We’re all ears. Share your challenges with us and we will help you overcome them.

Get ready to enhance your social marketing performance with Zanroo!

Command Center Always-on-screen

In time of pressing need, activate our integrated and interactive command center to gather real-time insights of brands, influencers from major online platforms, and empower these instant knowledge to navigate situations.
See and manage digital world through a bird’s-eye view.

Mobile Dashboard Always-on-hand

Be in control whenever you go. We’ve populated our insights and data onto an easy-to-use mobile dashboard experience for busy decision makers like you, showing only the most relevant metrics to help you make quick and accurate business decisions.
It’s all about efficiencies!

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Social marketing platform

Turn valuable insights into actionable marketing plans We can help your business grow by improving the performance of your social channels, as well as measure and benchmark your campaigns against your competitors, all in real-time.

We’re all set to provide marketers with whatever’s needed!

Social listening

Track real-time conversations, monitor your brand buzz and spot trends across major online platforms.

Social engagement

Connect and engage with your audience more efficiently through Zanroo.

Social research

Develop your marketing communication strategy by gaining valuable insights about your brand and competitors.

What do you get?

Know everything that’s happening online!

Don’t Let This Opportunity Slip Away!


  • Know Your Customers & Influencers
  • Analyze Marketing Strategies
  • Track Real-time Marketing Trends
  • Create Communication Plans


  • Sustain Online Activities
  • Create Loyalty Programs
  • Maintain Zanroo Customer Relationship


  • Optimize Media Performance
  • Control Online Expenditure
  • Expand Sales Opportunities
  • Forecast Business ROIs

Why choose Zanroo?

Here at Zanroo, we emphasize on facilitating your business growth. Our exclusive technology is developed by experts to ensure you win in the digital space.




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